Young, Dynamic,
Creative, Innovative!

Committed, Dedicated, Serious, Daring!
Determined by nature, we moved to Lisbon and founded IKI Mobile in 2013 in order to play (seriously) with technology.

Known for creating and ACHIEVING ideas and lovers of practical and functional things, we decided to design a line of smartphones and accessories fit for all ages, genders and cultures, always focusing on elegance and casual chic.

We are at all stages of development of our products, the idealization, design, creation and production and this is the only way we can ensure that they are innovative, reliable, powerful, suited to modern information technology and the increasing need for communication .
We guarantee the quality of all the equipment and ensure a professional after-sales tracking, fast and close..

We want to be a reliable brand, based on the satisfaction of our customers.

IKI Mobile, the power in your hands.




Contribute to a better world

Help build a more just, more human and more evolved.

Making the most convenient and practical day-to-day democratizing access to more advanced technology.

Encouraging recycling.

The environment is very important to us. In IKI Mobile, we only use low-emission components, recyclable packing boxes, giving strength to alternative energies.

Creating equipment collection points at the end of life.

IKI Mobile, the power in your hands.


Now, you can experience the power in your hands.
Welcome to IKI Mobile!